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Monday, May 08, 2006
  Back Dormitory Boys

My favourite boys: Back Dormitory Boys

Thursday, September 22, 2005
I have had dinner with Cuong (FSG). He talked and talked and talked as usual. But I felt good, at least I wasn't sitting there alone.
I will have Java Networking Programming Assignment tomorrow. So exhausted.
Don't know. Now take a nap and then take a bath and then...
Wednesday, September 21, 2005
  Tiresome Days
Dear the-one-in-my-head-which-is-not-me,
I feel so tired all day long. All I want is sleeping. I couldn't finish any single task: Java, work, Math, Physics or Chemistry. That's tiresome to being like this.
Today I want to go to the SVVN headquarter to get some money, but I'm tired and want to go to bed right now. This month I might get less than 1 million VND 'cos of the lack of articles. Everything is bad! I hate this feeling.
I'm getting an exam at school at the end of this month. But with this temper I don't think I can take it. And what's about the Singapore's university entrance exam??? How can I apply with *this* knowledge???
I don't know what I need. Yesterday I went to bed early with hope that today everything will get better. But now???
Is there anybody out there? I feel so lonely...
Sunday, September 18, 2005
  Middle Fall
Ohayoo gozaimasu,

Today is the Middle Fall (Trung Thu???) :"D. In the morning, I'm waken up by a heavy rain :"D. Hope to see the Moon at night.

My school hold a party on Friday (us- Physics and them- Biology >.<) It's a ton of fun!!
We sold "khoai tay chien" and "nem chua cuon" and nestea (with water the boys took from the WC >.<) but we didn't get much :"D. We ate most =))

TNG (Nguyen, Tung Biu, Cuong Buoi, Danh Long) sang
but 'cos of the micro, it wasn't impressed much :"D.
It's nothing 'cos noone listened (we were shouting and laughing and their voice couldn't be heard) but Nguyen was very sad :"> Poor him.

At last, we try to get "ruou can" to party ourself (only K18A)
but we couldn't find any. Wait till Oct 15th (the 20th Anniversary of our Physics School).

Nothing more, I'm taking the guitar class now.
  First Page of this Blog
Hi there,

Today I created this blog. I think I need somewhere for myself. Just a solution for a lonely one.
Hope it's going right :")
See me getting better...

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